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I am very glad that you visited our shop, inviting you to pass through our designs and creations.
You will find handmade products for your wedding, celebrations, gifts and home decor - personalized, stylish and unique products. Items are designed by my wife with my logistic help.

Shipping details

Thank you very much for your purchase!

Please read carefully the below message to avoid any problems with the delivery of your package.
First, check the address you provided. We do not send on P.O.Box (Packstation) because generally Postal service returns back to us Priority mail sent to P.O.Box - Packstation in Germany.
Secondly, TRACK YOUR PACKAGE AND AVOID RETURNING. You can do this here: - for tracking USA and other destinations, or, German - Deutsche Post: or Slovenian: (Slovenian languague, you will see Eng button only on desktop computer not on phones). If you still can not track the package, please contact us as soon as possible.
Buy buying this item you agree that you will receive the item at your home address or at your local post office before it is sent back (or not later than in 10 days).

We generally ship in a week, but sometimes due to external reasons (a lot of orders, vacations, waiting for raw material etc.) manufacturing can take two or three weeks. During vacations (July and August), processing time is larger. So please before you order, read well the part when processing time is explained. If you need Rush order during July, you should contact me to check the stock and my possibility to make a rush order (Not all boxes can be made as Rush order).
If you upgraded to Rush order (if available), I will prepare the product in 1-5 days. This does not mean (DHL) Express shipping, which should be ordered separately.

We ship with registered (Priority) mail (to have a tracking number, which proves that the package is sent). After shipping the item you will receive a shipping notification with a note and tracking number. ONLINE TRACKING SYSTEM IS THE KEY TO YOUR PACKAGE. You should check where your package is (You can track from our postal service site or YOUR official postal service site with the same number! Slovenian site is: - press Eng, for desktop computers. You probably can not see Eng button on your mobile phone). So please CHECK ONLINE THE STATUS OF THE SHIPMENT (WITH TRACKING NUMBER THAT YOU RECEIVED) and expect the delivery within a week in Europe and within 2 weeks the rest of the world, Australia up to 4 weeks.

In a case the item was not delivered but returned to the local post office (you should receive a notice from the postman but you can see this online as well), YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IF THE PACKAGE WAS RETURNED TO US (Generally the postal service waits less than 14 days and then send the package back) and the cost for repeated shipping is yours.

If you ordered (DHL) Express shipping, please check if you provided a telephone number that it necessary for DHL to make immediate delivery.

I noticed that almost in all cases when the package is not delivered, it waits you to pick it up (no one at home and you did not receive the message from the postman - sometimes postman do not leave the message, so you have to check the status online). Regardless of the fact that you did not receive the message, call your local post office when you see the item arrived in your country (takes between 2 days in Europe and 15 days or more overseas). All returned packages in past were the consequence of the fact that the customer had not read this message and let pass more than 14 days after which the postal service returned the package.
A look at the online tracking system discovers a lot. Please have in mind that after arriving to the destination country and local post office, we do not have any possibility, neither our local post office, to influence the delivery. We will help you in resolving technical questions.

If we don't contact you after you have ordered, don't worry. This means that you gave me enough data, and we'll send your item as soon as it is ready.
If we have any question, we will contact you.

And the last instruction: please check if you provided the right instructions (initials, names or dates) in the note to seller. It is good to know your wedding date, birthday etc. And again: TRACK, TRACK, TRACK your package online.

Thank you again, and we wish you happy moments with my products!

Refunds, returns & exchanges

I want you to be happy. If you receive your item and you are not happy with it, please send an email. I will do my best to fix that (In a case of damaged product to send a replacement, or suggest how to repair it ...). If you wish to return the product, please inform immediately after receiving it, but not later than 2 (two) weeks after receiving the product. After two weeks I do not accept refunding any more. Please have in mind as well that personalized boxes can not be refunded. So if you have any questions or you do not know the technique we are working with, please contact us to clear your doubts.
To avoid misunderstandings, additional jobs or refunds, please check measures and colors before you buy (pictures can be misleading unintentionally, so please check especially the measures, as we have in our offer all types of boxes, from smallest to large ones.)

If an addressee does not accept (or pick up) a package and the item is shipped back to me, eventual new shipping costs are covered by the buyer. The same with the decision to return the item after you receive it and open it. You pay the cost for returning the package. After I receive and check the item and if it is in the same conditions as at the moment I sent it, you will get the money back to your (PayPal) account. This is a generally accepted rule among Etsy members.
For this reason please: check the information of the product before you buy, check twice that you provided the correct shipping address and other necessary data. Please check that you have correct address. In a case of return, please contact me before you do so. Please check how much will returning cost you.

Made by hand for your home and wedding

Welcome to our shop where my wife and I are offering our handmade and ECO-friendly products for your wedding, home decor, gifts etc.