If you need hadmade wooden products, you came at the right place.

Thank you for stopping here in our shop. We suppose that you like handmade products. And we like making them.

This shop is run by me and my wife. You probably imagine that the main designer is my wife.

As we are already a couple of years in this job, we gathered a lot of experience and I hope knowledge as well.

We mostly work on accessories for weddings, like ring boxes and pillow alternatives, bridesmaid gifts, guestbooks and other products for weddings. We make home decor as well. We mostly use wood. Why? Because we like it and we know how to work with wood.

We use only green materials, this means paintings as well, which are all based on water.

I already said that my wife is the main designer. On the first place because she has education for it. She was educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Currently we live in Slovenia, but we frequently fly to Argentina. This is the reason why sometimes we make and send products from Slovenia and sometimes from Argentina.
Both of us are lovers of photography and we are trying to improve our pictures.
My job is mostly support: this means jobs that need brute force, like preparing stock, packing, sending etc. And of course, economy and finance, as this is my profession and education (in reality one of two professions I have). My job is communication with customers as well, this way my wife has more time for art and design. My other profession is linked to political sciences and I am an ex diplomat. This way I had opportunity to learn a couple of languages. So, if you wish, you can write to me in English, French, German, Italian languages ... Of course, beside Slovenian, Serb-Croatian, Russian ...

I hope that you like our products. I will be happy to receive emails from you, question or suggestion. Having in mind that we are new on Zibbet and building a shop online is a long process which requires never-ending improvements, we know that the information we currently have online, is not perfect. But we are constantly upgrading our online shop, so please be patient with us and forgive us our mistakes if you find them.

Thank you very much,

Made by hand for your home and wedding

Welcome to our shop where my wife and I are offering our handmade and ECO-friendly products for your wedding, home decor, gifts etc.